Administrative law is the practice of law before government entities and

includes both litigation and transactional work. Examples of
administrative law litigation include:

  • Contesting a license denial
  • A government action that has a negative impact on an individual or business
  • Approvals related to the sale or purchase of a healthcare provider
  • Denial of certain government benefits

Examples of administrative law transactional work include:

  • Licensure applications
  • Assisting a business with compliance requirements
  • Responding to an investigation
  • Seeking a waiver or exemption from certain statutory requirements

This area of practice involves federal, state, and local governments and their individual agencies.  In the area of health care, for example, administrative law could involve a federal agency, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a state agency, such as a department of health or licensing board, or a local agency, such as a county.

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