Our firm handles a wide variety of health law matters representing providers and employers.  Health law encompasses all aspects of the legal system dealing with the organization, financing, and delivery of health services.  It covers a range of areas of law related to health care providers, patients, and payments.  We also represent clients with issues related to Medicare and Medicaid.  However, our firm does not represent patients with medical malpractice claims.

Our practice is focused on offering representation to small and medium-sized health care providers. We provide comprehensive services for all health law and professional
practice standards, compliance requirements, and administrative matters
and litigation of disputes, including:

    • Business/Practice Organization and Reorganization
    • Joint ventures
    • Tax liability
    • Labor and employment law
    • Constitutional law issues
    • Service contracts
    • Managed care contracts
    • Delivery of services
    • Licensure
    • Audit
    • Anti-trust and intellectual property concerns

  • Health care reform
  • Fraud and abuse, including criminal defense
  • Insurance reimbursement
  • Patient consent to treatment
  • Certificate of need
  • Administrative compliance
  • Administrative enforcement actions and appeals
  • HIPAA privacy, security, and compliance
  • Medicaid and Medicare, including certification and change of ownership
  • Survey disputes

If you are a provider and have concerns regarding health care law, the operation of your health care practice or organization, or HIPAA compliance, please contact our office.  We will assess your case and determine the best way to proceed.

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