Experienced Employment Law Attorney

As your attorney, I am committed to providing professional legal services with quick responses and custom solutions to employment law and wage and hour issues. My extensive background in home care lends itself to addressing the unique needs of private providers, home care agencies, franchisees and national franchisors.

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Legal adviser helping clients nationwide with all their employment law and wage and hour concerns

My Focus Areas

Personalized Solutions and A Strong Client Focus

My name is Eileen M. Maguire. As your lawyer, I offer over 20 years of experience, knowledge and a national reputation for being able to explain the law and its requirements in an understandable way that assists in legal compliance before problems arise. 

Whether you are struggling with your hiring or firing decisions, employee policies, wage-payment practices, bonuses, non-exempt or exempt employee classifications, or other wage and hour issues, or you are trying to figure out if you are EEO-, OSHA-, HIPAA-, or FMLA-compliant, I can help you.

My firm has a casual and friendly, yet still professional atmosphere that provides very personalized service. I strive to provide my clients with preventive advice while allowing them to achieve their goals.

Legal Advocate And Speaker

I frequently am asked to present educational programs and workshops to various local, state and national organizations. My speaking events allow me to connect and empower employers and others. I often discuss vital information that can aid employers in preventing potential problems and finding solutions to their wage and hour matters. These events are another way I provide personalized solutions and stress the importance of having an experienced attorney on your side.

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