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My History Of Events And Publications

You can learn a lot about an attorney by the work they do outside of their office. By finding a lawyer who makes their career more than just a desk job, you can rest easy by knowing you have chosen someone you can trust with your legal needs.

I am Eileen Maguire HR Legal Advisor, and in addition to the 20 years of experience I offer my clients, I also have kept my skills sharp through various speaking events and publications, which I welcome you to review here:

My Commitment To The Law

I help our clients stay informed and current with the regulatory environment of the ever-changing employment law and wage and hour industry by authoring and publishing articles and manuals that explain the law and its requirements in an understandable way. The following list contains our current and pending publications:

  • Federal Wage and Hour for Home Care – Coming soon
  • Federal Wage and Hour for Private Providers: ANCOR 2022 Edition

My goal is to assist employers in meeting their legal compliance needs before problems arise.

Federal Wage and Hour for Private Providers

ANCOR Edition 2022 – Available Now!

Private providers of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have complicated compliance requirements and concerns when it comes to paying their employees. This comprehensive, 280+ page manual covering federal wage and hour rules was developed with the support of ANCOR for its members and is now available for ANCOR members to purchase at the discounted rate of $395.00, plus shipping and handling costs.

Non-members may purchase the manual for $495.00, plus shipping and handling costs.

To order your manual, click here and fill out the Order form. Within 3 business days after you submit your Order form, we will verify your information and email you an invoice that will include your manual cost, plus your shipping and handling fees. You will receive your invoice via the “Contact Email” you provided on your Order form. Upon our receiving your invoice payment in full, we will ship your manual to the shipping address you provided. There are no refunds once we receive your payment. Shipping may take up to 3 or more weeks from your payment date. If you have any questions about how to Order your manual, how to expedite your shipping date or to check on the status of your Order, please email [email protected].

How My Experience Is Your Advantage

The more time and effort I put into my career, the better I am able to serve the Indiana community. From my Indianapolis office, I help employers navigate the ever-changing complexities and challenges of employment law. If you are interested in learning how I can help you and your business, contact me by calling or emailing me here. The sooner you reach out to me, the sooner I can begin protecting you and your business’s needs.