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Wage and Hour Guidance For Employers

One of the biggest causes of legal disputes and claims for business owners can come from their own employees via wage and hour violations. Violating one of these laws can mean lengthy problems and substantial penalties, which is why it is vital to avoid these issues as much as possible and resolve the ones that do arise.

I am Eileen Maguire Law Firm, PC, and I offer my clients more than a decade of legal experience in providing wage and hour compliance advice, expecially for those in the home care industry. I know the urgency that can surround these matters, so I work tirelessly to provide my clients with the quick responses and solutions you are looking for.

My Knowledge Can Be Your Asset

By reviewing your policies, agreements or situation you are facing, I can help identify potential issues and advise on how to correct them. Some of the biggest issues I can address are overtime matters and employee misclassification.

As soon as an hourly employee works more than 40 hours in a week, federal overtime laws apply to them. I can help ensure you are remaining compliant with wage laws to avoid possible costly claims. Misclassifying an hourly employee as a salaried one is a leading cause of overtime violations.

Many employers and business owners may be surprised to learn that by not being compliant with the law, not only is your business liable, but the law can also hold you personally liable as well. My goal as your employment law attorney is to keep you from ever having to worry about violating these laws.

Learn How I Can Help You

If you are in the Indianapolis area, come meet with me at my office to learn more about how I can benefit you and your business. Even if your are not nearby, I provide wage and hour legal advice for employees nationwide. Call me at 463-231-4314 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.